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GL-15 cell phone jammer technical parameters


Portable GPS-jammer is for the signals of the global positioning system (GPS). It is a system for the

worldwide determination of position. By the relative mean transmission power of the satellites, the orbit in

height of 19,500 kilometers over the earth and the small Effizienz of the aerials of the GPS are the PS-

signals only to receive with an avowed small field strength. Already disturbing signal with very lower field

strength, the reception can cover over of the satellites. An additional modulation of an interfering transmitter

can completely stop.

1, An effective guard against GPS satellite positioning tracking!

2, Effective interference with the GPS satellite signal your whereabouts to protect privacy.

3, Only interfere with GPS satellite signals without affecting the normal phone answering.

4, Portable high-capacity built-in lithium batteries with electricity can be used for five hours.

5, Even if the vehicle does not start to use the same power source, this can be added Selvage (available on-

board charger electricity).

6, Small size, power, light weight, a large coverage area, easy to carry. Dimensions: 95x45x20mm




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